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US-5938319-A: Vehicle headlight with adjusting means for different traffic conditions patent, US-6012658-A: Method of producing metal flakes, particularly silver flakes of high purity patent, US-6118670-A: PCB mounting arrangement for two components requiring high-speed connections to a third component patent, US-6158954-A: Cross-flow fan and an air-conditioner using it patent, US-6333678-B1: Method and apparatus for agile phase noise filtering using phase locked loops patent, US-6341116-B1: Compact optical pick-up head employing non-diffractive element patent, US-6430717-B1: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for monitoring its internal signal patent, US-6674806-B1: Transmitting and receiving system for digital communication on electric power-lines patent, US-3787710-A: Integrated circuit structure having electrically isolated circuit components patent, US-3792915-A: Novel liquid crystal electro-optic devices patent, US-3872727-A: Disposable electrical thermometer system and components patent, US-3908975-A: Construction apparatus patent, US-3914684-A: Current proportioning circuit patent, US-3935180-A: Polybutadiene and process for producing same patent, US-3948876-A: Process for the purification of synthetic calcitonins patent, US-3960877-A: N-monosubstituted-2,3-pyridinedicarboxamides, and related compounds patent, US-4012303-A: Trifluorostyrene sulfonic acid membranes patent, US-4041056-A: Reaction products of wax-anhydride compounds and polyamines patent, US-4060693-A: AC superconducting articles patent, US-4075839-A: Decompression of pressure chambers, particularly the decompression of actuating pressure chambers of mine cage holding means patent, US-4084693-A: Article carrier patent, US-4090842-A: Support for reduction kiln gas-on system independently of firing hood patent, US-4222800-A: Isomerization of endo-endo hexacyclic olefinic dimer of norbornadiene patent, US-4232112-A: Process for treating silver halide color photographic photosensitive material patent, US-4385968-A: Electroplating a simulated bright brass finish patent, US-4395372-A: Alkylation process patent, US-4396395-A: Method and apparatus for contacting particulate coal and a deactivating fluid patent, US-4633032-A: Package configuration of solar cell elements patent, US-4668997-A: Recording and reproducing system for color video signal patent, US-4676524-A: Motor vehicle with an open body patent, US-4920209-A: Oral vaccines patent, US-5030967-A: Constant tension device for a thermal transfer printer patent, US-5070025-A: Process for the determination of a protein according to fluorescence polarization immunoassay principle patent, US-5184264-A: Adjustably mounted audio control head patent, US-5205466-A: Manufacturing method of austenitic stainless steel self-tapping and self-drilling screw patent, US-5256589-A: Method of improving the flatness of wiring layer patent, US-5259284-A: Carpenter's saw patent, US-5375401-A: Easy weed and dandelion remover patent, US-5433903-A: Process for the control and regulation of the pressing process of a brick press patent, US-5533554-A: Engine oil draining system patent, US-5608638-A: Device and method for automation of a build sheet to manufacture a packaged integrated circuit patent, US-5639150-A: Electronic component enclosure and method patent, US-5653881-A: Straining vessel patent, US-5766116-A: Hand held aquatic exercising device patent, US-5784172-A: Automatic algorithmic determination of process black over a color field patent, US-5844365-A: High pressure metal halide lamp patent, US-6068443-A: Gas turbine tip shroud blade cavity patent, US-6071749-A: Process for forming a semiconductor device with controlled relative thicknesses of the active region and gate electrode patent, US-6117568-A: Cyanochromium-complex-based magnetic material patent, US-6170900-B1: Foldable cover with integral hinge for pickup truck bed patent, US-6250719-B1: Pad for seating system patent, US-6356507-B1: Synchronous DRAM using column operation sychronous pulses which are different between read and write patent, US-6402709-B1: Cyclically driven, straightly and reciprocally moving massage device patent, US-6428353-B2: Connector support mechanism for interconnecting connectors patent, US-6540148-B1: Method and apparatus for sequencing multistage systems of known relative capacities patent, US-6605509-B1: Method for forming smooth floating gate structure for flash memory patent, US-6664919-B2: Radar device patent, US-3774377-A: Filter assembly with replaceable filter element patent, US-3830381-A: Truck and outsize cargo container patent, US-3864616-A: Coin-operated control circuit for selectively energizing a plurality of machines patent, US-4052582-A: Rotary selector switch patent, US-4065979-A: Traveling nut stop assembly patent, US-4108280-A: Plural rope friction hoist with braking apparatus patent, US-4140934-A: Power terminal structure for stator component of high-output turbo-generator patent, US-4193720-A: Critical torque detector patent, US-4229562-A: Polyurethanes based on high molecular weight formyl alcohols patent, US-4336234-A: Preparation of storage-stable, pumpable and pourable aluminosilicate suspensions by wet milling patent, US-4372982-A: Refrigerated shelf stable dough patent, US-4403021-A: Electrochemical cell and electrolytic solution therefor patent, US-4485616-A: Method and apparatus for supplying vacuum to a traveling-type servicing device serving a parent multi-station textile machine such as a spinning frame patent, US-4568503-A: Method for the casting of concrete objects patent, US-4582708-A: Animal feed supplement patent, US-4592316-A: Air funnel assembly patent, US-4655052-A: Portable cooler patent, US-4798272-A: Hydraulically operated friction clutch having automatic wear compensating valve patent, US-4806122-A: Electric contact arrangement for a multi-strand cable patent, US-4838019-A: Spinning frame control system patent, US-4866580-A: Ornamental lighting device patent, US-4943181-A: Quick disconnect with locking feature for pick and place devices patent, US-5052268-A: Preselector patent, US-5137015-A: Apparatus for supporting and moving a person's head patent, US-5229447-A: Alkali soluble pressure sensitive adhesive compositions patent, US-5286403-A: Concentrated cleaning compositions patent, US-5321682-A: Method of and device for recording information on a record carrier having a recording layer which, when heated, undergoes an optically detectable change patent, US-5376848-A: Delay matching circuit patent, US-5382833-A: Current generator with core cooling patent, US-5413755-A: Article comprising an intermetallic superconducting material patent, US-5720695-A: Weight augmentation device patent, US-5733402-A: Method for producing electrically insulated coils patent, US-5786044-A: Three-dimensional door decoration patent, US-5864468-A: Removable optoelectronic module with grounding means patent, US-5867446-A: Synchronous semiconductor memory device patent, US-5905927-A: Image forming apparatus and driving mechanism for image holding member patent, US-6003114-A: Caching system and method providing aggressive prefetch patent, US-6066765-A: Acetamidobenzamide compounds for neurodegenerative disorders patent, US-6105832-A: High speed, no stringing, hot melt adhesive dispensing head patent, US-6153029-A: Producing of tapered bent tube patent, US-6236525-B1: Tape head with pattern timing for servo writing application patent, US-6358884-B1: Bacteriocidal and fungicidal solution containing inorganic silver complex salt and process for producing the same patent, US-6401667-B2: Method and plant for heating a liquid medium patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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